Monday, November 25, 2013

I've Moved!

As you can probably see, I haven't updated in a while. That's because I've decided to move my blog to Tumblr, so I will no longer be updating here. You can find the Asian action cinema blog I run here, and my personal blog here. I've also moved many of my illustrations here. I truly miss talking with many of you, so please follow me on there so we can chat!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2nd International Anthony Wong Day!

My mind was almost blown today, dudes. In a moment of panic, I realized that somehow it had been well over a year since my first International Anthony Wong Day post. I missed it last year!
What the hell is my problem?
Thankfully, one of the perks of inventing your own holiday is being able to reschedule it whenever you please, so that's precisely what I'm doing.
Happy 2nd International Anthony Wong Day, everybody!
Go and celebrate with loved ones, be merry, and most importantly, don't do anything A-Wong wouldn't do!*

Beast Cops

Erotic Ghost Story II


Infernal Affairs

Jiang Hu: Triad Zone

Dancing Lion

Mob Sister

Mongkok Story

Mr. Wai Go

Roaring Tiger, Bluffing Dragon


3 Days of a Blind Girl

Fight Back 2 School III

Justice of Life

Love to Kill

Lucky Encounter

*In my mind A-Wong is a super freak, so IAWD is pretty much an excuse to go out and get real weird with it. 

The End. 

**Some of these caps were contributed by the lovely Achillesgirl. Right on**